Playing drums isn't that difficult

Written by Borja Mollá Robles

This method is especially focused on those who have never played a drums, although there is no doubt that, if you already play it, it will give you a new perspective to your way of playing and you will enrich your arsenal of rhythms, exponentially.


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About the Author

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Borja Mollá has been a drummer for 32 years and has been a teacher for about twenty years, although the pleasure of teaching has always come from him.

This method is developed, based mainly on the difficulties he had, in the beginning, when he did not know music theory.

With the BLOCKS system, you visually focus on what is important, play the drums from the first moment and with that motivation, later on being able to learn musical notation, thanks to the innovative dual writing system.

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The book inside...


It is a system that allows you to capture information quickly and visually.l.


Two ways to read rhythm, music theory and the Blocks system


Your progress will always be from less to more, progressively.


When you need it, I will help you by wasap or email. You will never be alone.


Periodically, you will have video tutorials exclusively available to you. Answering your questions.


You will be part of the Blocks community. To make your learning much easier.

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